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About Us

When you’re in dire need of a quick cash loan for an emergency in Peoria, Arizona, you can’t afford to wait for loan approval with a traditional bank lender. Granted, you may eventually get loan approval. However, it could literally be weeks before you receive the cash. The folks living in Peoria realize that Ironwood Title Loans offers a better way to get cash when you need money now. We process loans, for any purpose in as little as 24 hours. The money is there when you need it, so you can take care of any emergency or even cover your incoming bills. The process for title loans in Peoria is usually easier than getting a bank loan, so there is less stress to the applicant. You’ll need the clear vehicle title to a motorcycle, car, SUV or a truck that you own and some type of proof that you have income coming in to cover your payments. Most of the loan process is easily completed online and over the phone, which will save you a lot of time and hassles. We’ll pay out your funds at a nearby loan store.


How Processing Works for Title Loans in Peoria

A Glimpse Into the Loan Process

  • Customers can always choose how, where and when they wish to apply for title loans Peoria.
  • Once your application is approved, you’ll meet with a loan representative over the telephone to discuss your financial interests, qualify for the loan and receive closing loan instructions.
  • To comply with state laws, you will be asked to meet with a loan representative at a store who will provide you with a contract specifying the loan terms and when payments come due.
  • After presenting your driver’s license as proof of age and signing your contract, Ironwood Title Loans will pay out the funds.

Receiving an Instant Loan Quote
Each customer is automatically presented with an upfront loan estimate immediately after applying for Peoria car title loans.

Calculating Loan Offers

Loan offers are based on a percentage of the value of the car that you offer as loan collateral. Therefore, vehicles worth the most amount of money warrant the largest loan offers. Kelly Blue Book is used to locate the current value of the automobile for these purposes.

Learning More About a Secured Loan & How They Work

A secured loan requires the customer to pledge a vehicle against their loan for collateral. The title to your vehicle will be used to place a lien against the loan. Liens stay in place until the final payment is received. Title lenders do have the right to sell a vehicle to recoup losses if a borrower fails to complete their loan commitment.

How Customers Benefit From Arizona Title Loan Regulations

  • Auto title loan regulations in the state of Arizona regulate the loan amount on title loans Peoria. Therefore, customers could stand to gain larger loan offers, which could be a nice benefit if you need a sizeable loan.
  • Unlike several other states that don’t actually regulate interest rates, Arizona regulates rates on a sliding-scale based on the amount of the loan. For example, loan amounts equal to $5001 or greater carry a rate of 10 percent. Loan amounts of $500 or less come in at 17 percent. Essentially, the customer benefits by having interest rates capped.
  • In addition, customers can benefit when taking out title loans Peoria because they can work with the title lender to secure the loan term they need or want. This provides customers with a great deal of flexibility when repaying loans and helps to keep payments manageable.

Title Loan Advantages for Customers
  • Ironwood Title Loans can provide car title loans that provide longer loan terms, better interest rates and an easier loan approval than other types of loans like payday loans or lines of credit.
  • Local loan stores make it possible to save time driving and collect your cash at your convenience.
  • Customers choose how they’ll spend their money without worrying about disclosing the purpose of the loan.
  • Capped interest rates on Peoria auto title loans help consumers to keep more cash in their wallets.
  • Free applications make it possible for customers to learn more about loan options and start the loan process.
  • Ironwood Title Loans provides some of the fastest loan processing possible with funds in a day or less.
  • Simple to read contracts explain what the loan terms are for the borrower and their financial responsibilities.

Local loan stores, written contracts and professional services are just a few of the reasons folks rely on title loans Peoria for quick cash.


How to Apply

Choosing an Application Process That Works for You

  • Some folks feel more comfortable meeting us in person before taking out a loan. You are welcome to stop by any loan store to get acquainted and fill out an application.
  • If time is short, you can always submit you loan application over the phone.
  • Our online applications are always available whenever you decide to apply.

Preparing for Loan Approval Success
  • Ironwood Title Loans requires the borrower to show us a clear auto title in their name to qualify for Peoria title loans.
  • We will be checking to see that you have the ability to make your payments.
  • Regulations require that we check a state id card like your driver’s license to verify you are at least 18 years of age.

Submitting a Short Application for Peoria Title Loans
  • Fill out the year of your vehicle with an estimate of the mileage and the make, style and model.
  • Type in your phone number, name and home address with the zip code.